Ride Status Updates

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Please note: rides and attraction availability is subject to change and may vary based on weather, staffing changes, or unexpected maintenance issues. All rides except those listed below are expected to operate. This list will be updated as new information becomes available.

Temporarily closed

  • Barrier Reef
  • Kahuna Bay Wavepool
  • Soak City

Limited Operation

Beginning Monday, August 16th, Splish Splash will be operating in Limited Operation as we enter the end of the summer season. A majority of our staff is made up of High School and College students who, in August, return back to college or attend school related extracurricular activities such as athletic and band camps. We do our best to keep the park staffed and offer as many attractions as possible to our valued guests. Limited operation means that some rides, attractions, small food stands, and games may be closed. During this time, all areas of the park are open, but some of the rides and attractions may open late, close early, or not open at all. Please go to guest Services for a copy of the Attractions Operating Schedule.

Operational hours, policies, prices, rides, entertainment, and attractions are subject to change without notice. Sorry, no refunds. Thank you.