Long Island offers a unique blend of sandy beaches, lush woodlands, and exciting water parks, making it an ideal location for diverse outdoor birthday celebrations. Whether you’re imagining a beach bonanza or a woodland wonder, there's a venue perfect for every celebrant.

Celebrate Your Birthday in a Water Park

Splish Splash: The Premier Water Park in New York

Nestled on Long Island, Splish Splash promises thrilling water rides, serene spots, and delightful food options, making it a top choice for birthdays.

Location and Overview

Centrally located, it's easily accessible and offers a plethora of water attractions and rides suitable for all age groups. The park offers a special birthday party package and unique group catered services!

Water attractions and thrill rides

Splish Splash offers a myriad of different rides to keep all your guests happy: from Alien Invasion for thrill-seekers, to Hyperlight for music lovers and Kiddie Cove for the youngest in the family. All can have fun!


Water Slide

Amenities: Food Options, Rental Services, and H2Go Passes

The park as a whole offers lots of amenities to make guests comfortable throughout their visit: from all types of restaurants and snack bars to cabana rentals and the H2Go Pass, to reduce wait times. 

Special Events for Families with Children

Birthday kids can celebrate a party at the Birthday Pavilion for one hour, with unlimited food and drinks included for that span, and enjoy an entire day of fun at the park. Bring your own cake to blow out your candles! Check our calendar to see if any other special events are going on at the same time.

Teens in the pool

How to Plan a Birthday Party at Splish Splash

Availability of Dedicated Party Packages and Services

Splish Splash offers customized party packages, ensuring personalized experiences. Bring up to 25 guests for a discounted price, enjoy a full day together, and splash along the largest water park in New York! If the birthday package doesn't precisely match your needs, rest assured that other catered options are available for groups of guests. 

Birthday Party

Variety of Water Attractions Suitable for Different Age Groups

Splish Splash is for everyone! Hop onto  Bootlegger’s Run or Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror for a thrilling ride, take your kids for a calm play in the water at Kiddie Cove or let yourself go with the flow along our lazy river. We have attractions for all the family.

Party Amenities

We have a specific pavilion to make sure you have a comfortable sitting place for lunch and cake time! Bring between 10 and 25 guests for a fun, refreshing day! Enjoy unlimited food and drinks during the time of the celebration. Besides the party itself, make sure you follow our tips for a great day at the park.

Beach Party Extravaganza

Sun, sand, and waves! The beaches of Long Island are perfect venues for those who want to splash and play on their special day.

Jones Beach State Park

A renowned destination, Jones Beach State Park boasts miles of sandy coastline ideal for water adventures.

Water-based Activities Suitable for Kids

From paddleboarding to kite flying, the park offers various activities that kids would enjoy. Include a beach volleyball game, a bicycle race, or a sandcastle-building competition, and you have a day full of fun! Zach’s Bay, with its calm waters and dedicated lifeguards, provides a safe haven for kids to enjoy.

 Jones Beach Park also includes Wildplay Park, with special promotions for kids’ birthdays. The park offers zip lines, aerial obstacle courses, and even a 40-foot leap for kids to enjoy.

Boy on a zipline

Beach Party Themes and Decorations

Creative Themes for Beach Parties

While it may be difficult to create a decorative set-up at the beach, parents can arrange some wearable items or souvenirs based on marine themes, such as: 

  • Tropical Luau
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
  • Mermaid Fantasy
  • Under-the-Sea Exploration
Birthday celebration

Decoration Ideas for a Beach-Themed Celebration

Opting for the Pirate Treasure Hunt theme might be one of the most versatile options on the list. Kids can wear pirate hats, eye patches, or companion parrot plushies. 

Games and Activities

Fun Beach Games for Kids and Adults

All together, kids and adults can enjoy the treasure hunt! Bury a treasure somewhere on the beach, and then provide guests with maps. Spend the afternoon following the instructions and guessing the riddles to get to the treasure. X marks the spot!

Boys playing in the sand

Water Activities and Safety Precautions

While beach races and treasure hunts provide enjoyment, it's crucial to ensure that kids are supervised near the water. Providing life jackets or floaties can ensure safety while swimming. Jones Beach offers an ideal setting for beach celebrations, providing the assurance of lifeguards watching over visitors throughout the day.

Adventure in the Woods

Bethpage State Park

For those who love nature, Bethpage State Park's lush woodlands offer tranquil hiking trails and picturesque picnic spots.

Family-friendly Hiking Trails and Picnic Spots

Explore the Greenbelt Trail for a moderate hike or enjoy a picnic at one of the serene spots overlooking ponds. For the most adventurous, groups can book a site on the campgrounds to spend the night in a tent!

Group having a picnic

Woodland Party Themes and Decorations

Themes Inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Bethpage State Park offers two open pavilions as sheltered areas for organizing lunch and snack time. There, you can set up decorations for the party! Some cool ideas for woodland themes are:


  • Enchanted Forest
  • Jungle Safari
  • Woodland Creatures
  • Nature's Explorers

Decoration Ideas Using Natural Elements

Use pine cones, leaves, and forest flowers for decor. Fairy lights can add magic to evening celebrations. 

Outdoor Crafts and Activities for Children

From leaf painting and nature scavenger hunts to birdwatching, there's so much to do in the woods. Decoration can be part of the celebration! Take kids on a recollection hike, looking for pine cones, leaves, seeds, or birds’ feathers.

Farm Fun Fiesta at the Harbes Family Farm

Farm celebrations allow guests to interact with animals and understand farm life better. Harbes Family Farm is ideal for little children who want to learn about growing animals, harvesting fruits, and farm life! 

Goat being fed

Farm Party Themes and Decorations

Farm-Themed Party Ideas and Decorations

The typical farm environment is the best decoration for this type of party! You don’t need to bring any extra items for a theme party, but you may want to get some cowboy hats for the little guests. 

Farm Games and Activities

Farm-Themed Games for Kids

The Harbes Family Farm organizes all the activities necessary for your kids and their friends to have a fun farm day. They can pick apples and pumpkins, spend time with chickens, bunnies, or goats, and have fun at the special kid attractions on the farm! Additionally, the farm rents a barnyard space for lunch, with catering service included. Feel free to bring your own farm-themed cake or cupcakes!

Apple picking

Educational Activities Related to Farm Life

At the farm, kids can watch the entire life cycle of chickens at the Chick’s observatory, collect apples straight from the tree, and participate in interactive trivia to test their knowledge on the subject.

Tips for Planning a Perfect Birthday Celebration in New York

Although some of the locations above provide some birthday services, there still a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your birthday celebration runs smoothly:

  • Stay hydrated: Take a few bottles of water with you to any outdoor activity, as long as the location allows you to.
  • Bring Sunscreen: The sun can be scorching in the New York summer, so remember to bring sunscreen with you and remind your guests to do the same. Get a cap too!
  • Pack extra clothes: The outdoors can sometimes be wet and dirty, so it’s never a bad idea to carry an extra T-shirt and shoes to stay comfortable all day.
  • Research your options: As you have seen, there is a variety of options to choose from to celebrate your birthday, and all of them have different characteristics. Do your research and find out which one suits you best.
  • Have fun!: Running all the organization for a party can sometimes be exhausting and frustrating, but remember the final goal is to have fun!


Is the venue suitable for the age range of the children attending?

Yes, Splish Splash caters to all ages. There are specific areas like the Octopus Pool for younger kids and thrilling rides for older ones. It's recommended to check the height requirements for specific rides in advance.

What amenities and facilities does the venue offer for outdoor parties?

Splish Splash provides a variety of group options. Depending on how many guests you’re inviting, different packages might suit you best. The birthday package includes admission, food, and drinks for 10 to 25 visitors, including private access to the Birthday Pavilion for one hour, among other services. The park provides party decorations to make your celebration special!

Can I bring my own decorations and party supplies to the venue?

All party supplies necessary are included in the package, together with food and drinks and basic decorations. However, guests can bring their own decorations too, but are responsible for putting them up. For this reason, make sure to arrive on time!

Is there a backup plan in case of inclement weather?

There is no backup plan in the case of inclement weather, but guests can ask to reschedule the celebration based on availability if the park closes. Keep in mind that the park does not close because of light rain, but only because of heavy storms and lightning.

Are there any restrictions or rules I should be aware of at the venue?

Yes, Splish Splash has guidelines: appropriate swimwear is mandatory, height restrictions apply to certain rides, glass containers are prohibited, and children might need adult supervision on some rides. Always check the park's rules before visiting.