Nestled within New York's borders, Long Island stands as a haven for family-centric summer fun. It offers a breathtaking fusion of pristine beaches, thrilling attractions, and a wealth of cultural heritage. Delve into this guide to discover the summer magic waiting on Long Island!

Splish Splash: The Ultimate Water Park Experience

More than just a water park, Splish Splash is a summer institution for Long Island families. The park's diverse attractions, ranging from serene to thrilling, cater to all age groups, ensuring no one misses out on the fun, with constantly evolving attractions and innovative events. Surrounded by a natural landscape and lush trees, the water attractions are just one of the features that make this spot perfectly fresh for a hot summer day.


Kids on a raft

Top rides and attractions

Splish Splash offers an impressive twenty rides, including high-speed slides to wave pools and a lazy river.

Thrilling Rides 

The Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror challenges the bravest of souls with its unpredictable turns, while Bootlegger’s Run pushes riders uphill on the first hydromagnetic coaster in NY and the new Hyperlight offers a kaleidoscopic, luminous slide set to electronic music.

Couple on water slide

Family-friendly attractions

Families can glide down the Dinosaur Falls for a fast but relaxing journey through the Jurassic Forest, tour the park along the Lazy River, or feel the ocean’s tides in one of our two wave pools, Kahuna Bay and Surf City.

Beach Adventures

Montauk Point State Park

A mesmerizing blend of maritime heritage and natural beauty, Montauk Point State Park is an essential stop. In addition to its iconic lighthouse, families can indulge in hiking, having picnics, and taking photographs while savoring panoramic ocean views.

Family-friendly beaches and water sports

Long Island, with its miles of coastline, hosts plenty of activities. Engage in kite flying, beach volleyball, paddleboarding, or simply building sandcastles with the little ones. With so many sun-soaked beaches to choose from, every family member can find their perfect spot.

Beach Volleyball

Exploring Long Island's Beaches and Coastal Towns

Charming towns such as Sag Harbor and Greenport beckon with boutique shops, seafood eateries, and bustling marinas. The coastal vibe is both relaxed and vibrant, offering a delightful balance for families to enjoy.

Summer Festivals and Events

Long Island FunFest

Long Island FunFest is the epitome of summer celebrations, featuring exhilarating rides, culinary delights, and live performances that echo the island's vibrant spirit. Watch fireworks shows, attend the World of Wonders exhibitions, and be amazed by the spectacular Hanneford Circus.

Bethpage Air Show

A high-flying spectacle, this show treats audiences to the mesmerizing acrobatics of experienced pilots, with every twist and turn echoing the thrill of aviation.


Farm Adventures

Fink's Country Farm

A quintessential family spot, Fink's offers an agricultural playground. Enjoy a bunch of fun activities while sharing time with the cutest farm animals; every moment here invites you to cherish the simpler things in life.

Goat being fed

Farm-Based Family Activities

Fink's offers both young kids and their families a friendly environment to share time with animals while understanding how life on the farm is. Watch chicken shows, rent hamster balls or tricycles, or taste some of the most delicious food cooked with organic ingredients collected at the farm. The perfect mix for a special day!

Museums and Cultural Attractions

Long Island Children's Museum

This museum is a realm of wonder. Its hands-on exhibits encourage children to touch, play, and learn, merging the worlds of fun and education seamlessly. Kids can explore interactive exhibits, watch live theater performances, and participate in crafting activities in the museum.

Cradle of Aviation Museum

A tribute to Long Island's deep-rooted aviation history, this museum invites visitors to explore real aircraft, engage in flight simulations, and understand the science behind airborne marvels. Enjoy the Junior Jet Club, designed for the youngest aviation enthusiasts, the Planetarium’s laser projection show, and other seasonal events.

Historical Sites

Old Bethpage Village Restoration

A historic town preserved in the 21st century, this living museum catapults visitors back to the 1800s. Families can interact with actors in period attire, partake in old-world crafts, and witness the traditions of yesteryears.

Outdoor Adventures and Recreation

Discovering Nature at Long Island's Parks and Nature Reserves

Nature enthusiasts can explore the depths of Long Island's green spaces. Bird-watch at lush nature reserves, or explore trails that wind through scenic meadows and woods.

Trail in the fall

Exploring State Parks and Hiking Trails

For families craving an outdoor getaway, state parks like Sunken Meadow and Caumsett are sanctuaries. They offer hiking, scenic views, and a deep dive into Long Island's diverse ecosystems.

Woods in the fall

Fishing and Boating Excursions

Long Island's Waterways

The Island's waterways present a boater's paradise, with serene views and abundant marine life. Find the closest access to waterways near you and hop onto a canoe for a relaxing trip while chasing the sunset.

Best Fishing Spots

Long Island is considered an excellent destination for those seeking a complete fishing experience. With oceanic coasts and internal lakes, anglers can fish for both fresh and saltwater species.

Man fishing

Tips for a Fantastic Summer Experience on Long Island

Planning Ahead

As proven above, Long Island offers a myriad of attractions for visitors with varied preferences. For this reason, we encourage you to research these spots, find your favorites, and create a custom tour without missing out on any of them.

Packing Essentials

Smart packing is key. Ensuring a stash of sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and snacks can be the difference between an outing being memorable or stressful.


Long Island, with its enticing blend of natural wonders, rich history, and fun-filled attractions, is the epitome of summer destinations. Every corner holds a story, every beach a memory, and every adventure a chapter in the perfect summer tale. Visit Splish Splash this summer for a refreshing day in the sun!


What activities are best for summer?

Long Island has plenty of activities to offer during summer, but its main highlights are the Splish Splash waterpark for a fun, refreshing day, Long Island’s Fun Fest, the Fink's Country Farm, and Bethpage Air Show and Village Restoration.

Family in the Pool

What is Long Island like in the winter?

Long Island in winter is a serene contrast to its summer vibrancy. Chilly temperatures bring snow-covered landscapes, offering activities like ice skating, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. Beaches, though quieter, present a tranquil beauty. The holiday season adds festive events, from tree lighting to markets. Indoor activities, including museum visits and theater outings, become popular escapes from the cold.

What are some free summer activities on Long Island?

Long Island in summer offers numerous free activities: stroll the scenic boardwalks of Jones Beach or Sunken Meadow Park; explore parks like Eisenhower or Belmont Lake for picnics and free concerts; visit local festivals and farmers' markets; catch a sunset at Montauk Point; enjoy free outdoor movie nights in various towns; and walk the historic streets of villages like Port Jefferson or Northport, absorbing the local ambiance.

Are there any age restrictions for specific activities?

Most outdoor activities in Long Island have no age restrictions. Amusement and water parks may have height restrictions based on safety policies to ensure a safe and fun day at the park.