Bootleggers Run

Whoo-ee! Faster than the Law and in blatant defiance of gravity. You’re in for one wild ride on New York’s first ever water coaster!

Climb aboard a four-man raft that actually goes uphill with new generation hydromagnetic technology. It flies like a roller coaster without rails. So much fun, it just may be illegal!

Key Facts

  • New York’s first ever hydromagnetic water coaster.
  • Features new generation hydromagnetic technology.
  • It’s a water ride with rafts that go uphill, just like a roller coaster.
  • Total ride length is 983 feet – over three football fields long.
  • Ride course is punctuated by three uphill peaks and three steep drops.
  • Rafts ascend to an apex of 47 feet, nearly five stories tall.
  • First downhill drop is at a 45 degree angle from height of 40 feet.
  • Rafts race to speeds of 30 mph.
  • Four completely enclosed hair pin turns.
  • Covers almost two acres and lasts nearly two minutes from start to finish.
  • Linear induction motors (LIMs) create a travelling magnetic field to propel specially built rafts with metal plates in their undersides. The LIMs push the rafts rapidly and smoothly uphill.
  • Rafts hold four riders with individual seatbacks and toboggan-style seating.
  • Riders must be at least 42” tall. Riders 42” - 48” tall must be accompanied by an adult. Weight limit is 700 lbs. per raft.
Minimum Height 42"