Alien Invasion

Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 48"
Maximum weight: 700lbs combined
A rapid descent, followed by a screaming, out-of-control spin, resulting in total disappearance

H2: Take off at the speed of light on the Alien Invasion Water Slide


Unlike the other slides at Splish SplashAlien Invasion takes the cake for the most interesting water attraction at the park! All good water slides start with the walk up; but there is no need to carry your raft here -- it's waiting for you at the top thanks to the convenience of a conveyor belt that does all the work for you!


As this is a family ride, you’ll be sharing a raft as you blast off into the unknown with your space crew, headed for alien territory. After a quick drop through the darkness, suddenly you’ll be gaining speed and spinning around and around... nobody knows when you’ll drop through the funnel.  Enjoy the feel of this unique experience because you won’t find this feature on any other attraction here at Splish Splash. This twister keeps you guessing and enjoying the burst of adrenaline you get when you spin freely in the raft.


The Alien Invasion water ride is out of this world! Get ready for the trip: the aliens will make sure it's worth going out of our solar system!


Please take into consideration that all riders must be at least 48” tall to enjoy the Alien Invasion. For those guests under the required height, there are a lot of other options including the all new Hyperlight and Pirate’s Cove!

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