Splish Splash is now closed for the 2023 Season. Thank you all for a great summer!

Opening Day: May 25

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Bombs Away

Bombs Away will feature two dueling 300-foot slides perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air.
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 48"
Maximum weight: 300 lbs
Bombs Away will feature two dueling 300-foot slides perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air.

Enjoy an adrenaline rush from the heights of the Bombs Away water slide


Are you up for the thrill? The Bombs Away water slide is sure to please any adventurous rider while helping them to stay cool in the meantime.  You’ll spot this waterslide right above Riptide Racer water ride. Get ready for a double feature of fun and adventure if you can handle these rides back-to-back, as you’re sure to get the rush you’ve been looking for. 

The Bombs Away water attraction features a three-hundred-foot slide with a fifty-foot climb to the top that will fuel any riders’ need for speed. With two riders in separate AquaLaunch Capsules, you’ll see the park from a bird's eye view before freefalling at 26 feet per second.


Hearing the countdown will leave you wondering what comes next as the floor disappears underneath you while you drop into slight darkness. The next thing you know, you will come safely to a stop in the reception pool. With your adrenaline running quite high, you may want to do it again.


Make sure you don’t blink, considering the rate of speed you’re traveling at, this ride is only about 11 seconds long. But don’t worry, it is well worth the wait.


Bombs Away is definitely the high thrill you’re looking for at Splish Splash. This ride is more for teens and adults, as the height requirement is 48”.

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