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Hollywood Stunt Rider

A totally dark action packed family raft ride, the Hollywood Stunt Rider is one of our most spectacular rides.
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 48" (36"-48" riders with an adult and be able to hold correct riding posture)
Maximum weight: 700lbs combined
A totally dark action packed family raft ride, the Hollywood Stunt Rider is one of our most spectacular rides.

H2: Hollywood Stunt Rider: One of our best water rides!


One of the most popular water attractions at Splish Splash is the Hollywood Stunt Rider! It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The total darkness of this family raft ride will keep you guessing with each twist and turn and each drop, giving your senses a thrill. 


After the climb to the top of the water slide, you’ll find it was worth the extra steps as you hear the water rushing -- fully aware that you’ll be in for a great ride as you step into and wait at the release queue. Each water raft holds the members of your family so you can experience the fun together.  Though the ride is only about a minute long, you’ll find that it's a refreshing way to keep cool in the summer heat. You’ll quickly find that there is a huge difference between rides that allow you to see (as they are not totally dark) and those that take away one of your five senses. You can hear and feel the rushing water, knowing you’re safe on the raft; however, the darkness gives this ride a whole new spin. After the twists and drops, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel as you land in the reception pool with a splash!


Please consider the height and weight restrictions. To ride alone or with friends on the Hollywood Stunt Rider, children must be at least 48” tall. Riders 38” to 47” inches tall may enjoy the Hollywood Stunt Rider with an accompanying adult as long as they can hold on properly to the raft at all times. These limits make this a ride for all to enjoy!


If you find you enjoy rafting with the family and are looking for a similar thrill after riding the Hollywood Stunt Rider, head on over to the Alien Invasion to discover just how out of this world you can get! 

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