Riptide Racer

Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 42"
Maximum weight: 300 lbs
Four guests line across the top of the slide, then head first on mats down the enclosed flumes in a wetter-then-wet mad chase for the finish line!

A carnival game adapted for water slide fun!  


If you’re feeling competitive, line up for Riptide Racer, the ultimate luge water slide!  You will be accompanied by friends, family, and other park-goers and asked to line up, lying headfirst on a mat. Once in position, you are in for a wet and wild ride as you push off from the start line. Unlike the bulky potato stacks that are typical of carnivals, these mats are designed to help you reach maximum speed by being aerodynamic. You’ll feel the wind in your hair, the cool breeze along your back, and the exhilarating feel of speed as you descent quickly, approaching the end of the race.  As you near the finish line, you’ll finally figure out which of you is the all-time Riptide Racer champion!  Who’s up for another race? This carnival classic is unique and sure to keep you cool. It’s a perfect fit for almost everyone.  


Riptide Racer has a greater thrill to it than some of the other water rides in the park. As long as you are at least 42”, you qualify for this race! Grab your mat and get into position, it’s racin’ time!


If you look above the platform, you’ll discover another great ride: Bombs Away water attraction 

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