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Splish Splash Announces New York’s First HydroMagnetic Rocket

Joyous raft riders on exciting water ride

Calverton, NY--Already known for unique rides, Splish Splash Waterpark will offer guests a radically different experience with Bootlegger’s Run, the new attraction opening in 2013.

Bootlegger’s Run will be the first ever water ride in the state of New York featuring new generation hydromagnetic technology. “Imagine a cross between a whitewater raft ride and a roller coaster,” general manager Mike Bengtson explained. “Bootlegger’s Run is like a roller coaster that races on water instead of rails.”

Bootlegger’s Run will a take four-person raft uphill, just like a theme park coaster, for a series of breathtaking drops, including one from nearly five stories high.

“This is beyond anything experienced before at a waterpark or a theme park.”

“The ride begins with an ascent of 235 feet, then rockets into an exhilarating rush of drops, rapids and slingshot climbs, racing to speeds of 30 mph, all experienced in the spray of splashing water,” Bengtson said. “This is beyond anything experienced before at a waterpark or a theme park.”

The breakthrough hydromagnetic technology uses linear induction motors to generate powerful electromagnetic fields that propel the steel-bottomed rafts uphill.

This new ride will be the largest single investment Splish Splash has ever made and is one of only a handful of such rides in the nation.

“We feel Bootlegger’s Run will immediately become the most popular ride at the park,” Bengtson added. “Splish Splash is already one of America’s greatest waterparks…and it just got better.”

Splish Splash opens the 2013 season on Memorial Day weekend.

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