H2Go Passes

Less Waiting. More FUN!

2021 Coming Soon

H2Go Pass and Information

Spend more time enjoying your day with Splash Splash’s H2Go ride reservation system! Using the H2Go Pass is simple, you can now make a reservation from the new H2Go wristband by scrolling through the list of available attractions. Select the attraction with a few swipes and once your band countdown has reached zero, you will be alerted that your reservation is ready. You are now free to enter through the H2Go entrance at the reserved attraction when it is your time, ore any time after.

With two speeds to choose from, you don’t have to wait in line!

  • With the H2GO Premium Pass your reservation will reduce the wait time by up to 50%!

  • With the H2GO Regular Pass your reservation time will be equal to the current wait time, you just don’t have to physically stand in line. The H2GO Pass lets you spend less time waiting and more time having fun!
    • The H2GO Pass may be purchased online or at the H2GO Pass office located in the Main Plaza next to Guest Services.
    • Prices for the H2GO Pass vary depending on level of service. Park admission is additional.
    • H2GO bands are sold per person. Each person using the system needs their own band.
    • A $20 refundable deposit is required per band. This deposit will be refunded when the band is returned in the same condition in which it was received.

    Pass Holder Savings

    VIP Season Pass Holders save 20% on the H2GO Pass and Premium Passholders save $5 per pass (up to 4)  Discount available in-park only. Must present valid Premium or VIP season Pass at the H2GO Pass booth during transaction. Discount good any day of the week.

    Standard H2GO May 23rd through June 30th  $25
    Premium H2GO May 23rd through June 30th  $50

    plus $20 refundable deposit

    2021 H2Go Passes Coming Soon

    Pricing, attraction availability and hours are subject to change without notice.

    Plan your Splish Splash trip today! Tickets and Season Passes are available to purchase online and at the gate.

    A limited number of H2GO Passes are available for purchase each operating day. The passes will be available only while supplies last, and are valid only on the day of purchase. The H2GO Pass may be used on the following rides, although rides can vary by day. Please see the H2GO Pass office for a list of specific rides available during your visit.

    • Abyss
    • Alien Invasion
    • Bootlegger's Run
    • Cliff Diver
    • Dinosaur Falls
    • Dr Von Dark
    • Dragons Den
    • Hollywood Stuntrider
    • Giant Twister
    • Lazy River
    • Mammoth River

    The H2GO Pass prices and rides are subject to change without notice.

    Daily Park admission or Season Pass is required to use The H2GO Pass. The H2GO Pass does not include park admission.

    Please be advised the H2GO Pass wristbands are non-transferable. All users are required to each wear their own wristbands to gain access to an attraction. The H2GO Pass is not for resale.