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East End Surf Co.

Gifts & Souvenirs
Located at Park Exit and Main Plaza
Accessible for people with disabilities
Tolls & Toys
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East End Surf Co. is the largest of the retail shops and offers a wide variety of merchandise, including apparel, swimwear, souvenirs, plush, and toys.

East End Surf Co. is your one-stop shop for merchandise! 


Located near the park exit, East End Surf Co. has all your needs and wants covered, including a variety of souvenirs such as plushies, beachwear, toys, bathing suits, glasses, and even a souvenir cup to keep you hydrated throughout the day. It’s the perfect way to end your trip!


East End Surf Co. is the largest of the three gift and souvenir shops at Splish Splash. Here, you’ll find the best surfing brands featuring the high-end beachwear and gear that everyone is familiar with. These include Salt Life, Havaianas, Puravida, Fahlo, and 4Oceans -- all here to make you feel like a pro out on the waves and the water slides. Some of our guests feel more comfortable with a rash guard, which may help with an extra layer of sun protection and protect from any irritation from the attractions.  


With our unique variety of classic souvenirs, there is something for everyone... all designed to help you remember all the fun and memories forever! A Splish Splash t-shirt can be your perfect summer accessory to let your friends know they should check out the park. A hat will make sure you're protected and let your eyes get a rest from the sun while you’re at the water park and enjoying any time outside. Of course, a small and easy souvenir to remind you of all your fun times at the park is a keychain. We have them with a variety of different features.


In addition to the souvenirs, you’ll find a large collection of your favorite sweet treats to enjoy after the long day. Don’t let your sweet tooth get too carried away, but it’s okay to spoil yourself now and then! I bet you’re already thinking of your favorite!  


Our other two stores within the park include Long Island Surf & Supply and Kahuna Bay Outfitters. Both stores are perfect for your additional needs during your stay like towels, sunscreen, cool drinks, and much more. You’ll find Long Island Surf & Supply when you walk through the entrance; however, Kahuna Bay Outfitters is located nearer to the fun so that you can make a quick trip for any necessities -- especially for cool drinks, which are easy to grab to stay hydrated during your visit.  

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