2 New High Thrill Rides


Two New High Thrill Rides Coming to Splish Splash Water Park.

The ultimate racing mat slide and an Aqua-Launch dueling slide!

Riptide Racer – The Ultimate Water Racing Slide
Four guests line across the top of the slide, preparing to race for the title of “Ultimate Riptide Racer” then head first on mats, guests are drenched as they charge down the enclosed flumes in a wetter-then-wet mad chase for the finish line! This super slick, mat slide is aerodynamically-designed to achieve maximum speeds.

Bombs Away – Aqua-Launch Dueling Slides
Bombs Away will feature two dueling 300-foot slides perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air. This slide combines the anticipation of the AquaLaunch capsule with the visual impact of looping translucent fiberglass. Guests will stand in the launch capsule, waiting for the floor to drop. As the heart pounding countdown ends, the floor underneath opens and guests will rush through the intense tidal flow of the flat line loop. The riptide will send guests free falling at 26 feet per second before safely making a final splash below.

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